Users of our platform enjoy the distinct advantage of crafting their own trading strategies. They can first test their strategies using paper trades, which simulate the trading process without any real funds involved. Once they're convinced of the strategy's efficacy based on these trial runs, they can proceed to deploy the custom-built bot for real-time trading.

What sets our platform apart is the personal ownership and control it grants. Rather than relying on a third-party server or cloud-based system, the bot operates directly from the user's own desktop or laptop. This not only grants users greater control over their trading algorithms but also ensures an enhanced level of security.

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Centralized Exchanges (CEX) both carry their unique sets of risks. However, by running the bot on personal hardware, users mitigate potential vulnerabilities associated with external servers or platforms. The integration of personal devices as the primary operational base, coupled with our platform's robust security measures, provides a dual layer of protection against potential breaches or malicious attacks.

In essence, our platform is designed not only for strategy customization and efficient trading but also with a paramount focus on user security, regardless of whether they're trading on a DEX or CEX.

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