CBAI empowers users with the streamlined capability to integrate their exchange and wallet details, enabling a detailed assessment of each token using our expert Crypto Lens. This intricate process assigns a distinct CBAI score to each token.

Through our cutting-edge AI Strategy Studio, users can handpick any token to devise tailored trading blueprints. Additionally, a consolidated CBAI score is formulated, presenting results from automated paper trades on a unified, user-friendly interface.

Every token is seamlessly integrated with "Nexa," our avant-garde auditing instrument, ensuring users receive exhaustive audit findings. Intelligent alert engine keeps users abreast of significant developments concerning their portfolio's assets with just a single click.

This array of features is further enhanced by a holistic trading interface, underscoring the platform's distinctiveness and unwavering dedication to user satisfaction. Users will be given the most trusted and curated news from our news lens for all of your currencies listed in your portfolio.

You have the flexibility to configure your own bot with settings tailored to your expertise level in cryptocurrency trading. For novice traders, user-friendly settings are available, while advanced options cater to professional traders. Run it securely on your own system as the application is desktop-based, ensuring maximum security. The application operates with utmost integrity on both Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and Centralized Exchanges (CEX), providing a secure environment for your trading activities.

Beyond simply viewing their portfolio, users have the provision to generate their Profit and Loss tallies, retracing to the day of acquisition.

  1. Dex Trade History (supports all the blockchains)

  2. Cex Trade History (Supports 20 exchanges)

  3. P&L Statement( Complete P&L Statement)

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