🔭Crypto Lens

CBAI leverages the Analyzer for crafting and training ML models. It undertakes an exhaustive evaluation of individual cryptocurrency tokens to acquire a holistic insight into their foundational technology, practical applications, market promise, and overall feasibility.

Such profound scrutiny transcends mere cursory data, delving into the multifaceted dimensions of the token. This aims to pinpoint its advantages, vulnerabilities, and enduring potential. Language models are honed to execute the ensuing analytical processes, culminating in the generation of the CBAI Score:

  1. Examination of liquidity

  2. Analysis of market competitors

  3. Assessment of sentiment

  4. Monitoring of token holder activity

  5. Evaluation of security measures

  6. Analysis of online and social media footprint

  7. Auditing

  8. Transactional count

After a token is evaluated, it will be passed on to other tools for various real-time operations.

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